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Illegal Immigrants and the Economy

By: Bignuggets @thetrumptrain2
This country was founded by immigrants and industries have been supported in large part by immigrants since the dawn of industrialization. The government needed a way to ship goods from the Great Lakes regions to the Atlantic, so DeWitt Clinton had the Erie Canal Dug by the Irish immigrants. In 1848 trouble was brewing in Germany which sent many immigrants to the United States. At this same time, the United States government needed settlers to create homesteads in the newly acquired Indian territories of the “Northwest”. And of course, the transcontinental railroad was vital for America, so Chinese immigrants were hired to construct it cheaply.

Jobs like these were not glamorous in the slightest. Many laborers actually died in their efforts to make America prosperous. In all likelihood, if not for immigrants these projects would have never been completed. The main difference when it comes to the past and the present is that old time immigrants brought about huge economic growth.

Now let’s take a look at the current state of immigration in the United States. What has changed? When did immigrants go from being the basis of our economy to possibly being an economic burden on society? Nowadays, many of the immigrants coming into our country do so illegally. No longer are they stopping at the famous Ellis and Angel islands as did the immigrants of the past. Illegal immigrants do still bring about some positive aspects to the economy, but at what cost?

Low paying jobs involving manual labor, such as fruit picking, construction and housekeeping are often worked by illegal immigrants. These jobs may not seem to hold the prestige of the immigrants of the past, but they still contribute to our nation nonetheless. The problem lies in the fact that, often times, these immigrants don’t pay their fair share in taxes.

The number $12 billion is commonly thrown about as the total currency collected from illegal immigrants yearly. This is highly misleading because this number is based on taxes not only collected from illegals but their employers. The taxes coming from illegals are not usually income taxes, but instead sales taxes and excise taxes. If there was a way to get out of paying these taxes, the $12 billion figure would soon drop. Illegal immigrants don’t have allegiance to their country, but instead, have allegiance to their families who are usually living below the poverty line. 


Since we know that immigrants are not paying their income taxes like they should be, Social Security is not receiving its fair share. This will have detrimental effects when immigrants try to claim benefits they don’t deserve down the line. The money often times ends up with state government officials who are notorious for spending on useless programs and subsidies.

In conclusion, illegal immigrants do not provide the country with the same benefits they used to. Border security, the promotion of legal immigration and paying of taxes by immigrants are all vital to the future of the American economy.

“We will build a wall”,  we will stop the illegal drug flow, sex trafficking, and “Illegal immigrants” -Donald Trump

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