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Melania Trump Is Everything The First Lady Should Be

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In the midst of Donald Trump’s first days in office, many critical eyes have turned towards his immediate family. In particular, scrutiny has fallen upon Melania Trump. Some have compared her to previous first ladies and found her lacking in education or prestige, while others have cast doubt on her immigration history in an attempt to jab at Trump’s immigration policy.
Regardless, the election’s results are unchanged; Melania Trump is the First Lady of the United States, and she has plenty to offer the nation besides her role as the President’s wife.
First, let’s not forget her accomplishments before marrying the future President: not only did she have a successful career which brought her from her homeland of Yugoslavia to America, but she also became multilingual. She reportedly speaks six languages, including French, German, Italian, and her native Slovene.

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Although Melania can’t boast a degree from Harvard or another prestigious American institution, she did attend college when she was younger before choosing to dedicate herself fully to her career – a respectable choice considering her success.
Despite her lack of a diploma, she remains a public figure who has shown remarkable grace under pressure and public criticism. Her support for her husband is one insight into her true character. Interviewers inquiring about her relationship with President Trump and how she lives her life as the newly-established First Lady report that she strongly believes in her husband’s love for America and the American people. Furthermore, she responds to allegations that she should feel responsible for her husband’s social media actions with age-old wisdom: if you attempt to change the person you’re with, you won’t be happy. It even seems like her personal cause during Trump’s presidency be cyberbullying, a cause which resonates with her decision to quit social media because of its negativity.

Melania Trump’s legacy has just begun, and her background has obviously given her respect for women in the workforce, for the spouses and family of public figures steeped in controversy, and for allowing the person you love to pursue their goals and make their own decisions. Her philosophy on marriage holds that each person should have their own outside interests while still valuing the other person and the family you create together. This is something she obviously practices and preaches as well – currently, she lives with her son Barron Trump and will reportedly continue to do so at least until the end of the school year.
Melania’s dedication to Donald Trump is obvious and undeniable, and her history reflects her passion and competency as a woman with a highly successful career. Similarly, her interviews serve as a testament to her character and willingness to positively impact the nation her husband now leads. Melania is a true picture of our diverse society, and her embodiment of American spirit, hard work, and appreciation of opportunity is nothing other than remarkable.

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