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Russian Missiles Rock ISIS in Syria

Russian Frigate Admiral Essen and Submarine Krasnodar launched 4 strikes including several cruise missiles from the East Mediterranean Sea aimed at ISIS artillery strongholds.  The Kremlin said Wednesday, “the strikes were ordered by Russian President  Vladimir Putin. The purpose of the mission was to eliminate strategic artillery stockpiles in the ISIS stronghold in Raqqa, Syria.  All targeted stockpiles were destroyed.  The Kremlin said,”U.S., Turkey, and Israel were briefed in advance of the strikes to eliminate any misinterpretations that Russian was initiating an act of war. Challands said that none of these countries have particularly close alliances with Russia – but they do have agreements on things like information-sharing. “What Russia has done here is that these information lines continue to operate, but at the same that Russia is able and willing to act independently,” he said. It appears President Donald Trump’s strong foreign policy stance carries more weight throughout the world than was previously disposed.  This on the eve of the terrorist bombing in Afghanistan killing 90 civilians on Tuesday.   Expect President Trump to increase airstrikes in the next few weeks in Afghan to target Al Quaeda and ISIS.

Syrian Airstrike Explosion

US: Coalition Airstrikes Kill 3 Senior Islamic State Leaders

U.S.-led coalition airstrikes have killed three senior Islamic State military officials in Syria and Iraq during the past month, the U.S. military said Friday. Mustafa Gunes, an external operations facilitator from Turkey, was killed by a coalition airstrike near Mayadin, Syria, on April 27. Gunes was linked to facilitating financial support for attacks against Western countries,…

President Trump and Abbas

‘There can be no peace until incitement ends’

US President Donald Trump and Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas delivered a joint address at the White House Wednesday afternoon. President Trump called on the PA leadership to end all incitement and for the terrorist organizations which threaten peace to be defeated, such as ISIS. “Peace also means defeating ISIS and other terrorist groups. These groups…