Trump: ‘America First’ Agenda on Track Despite ‘Distraction of the Witch Hunt’

President Donald Trump fired back at the special counsel investigation hanging over his administration and said his “America First” agenda is on track, despite the distraction caused by the “witch hunt,” in a series of tweets Sunday morning. In claiming progress on key agenda items, Trump pointed to executive orders he’s signed, jobs being created and…


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2 Responses

  1. Tim Offinga says:

    Just imagine what he could accomplish without the deliberate sabotage and libelous campaign of the Democrats and CNN in particular.
    He is being opposed bitterly on every proposal irregardless of important or trivial it is.
    CNN is still trying to blame him for being or not being under investigation. Since when is a news agency allowed to interfere with the political and democratic processes. Whether he is under investigation or not is irrelevant. Only the outcome is. CNN does not have any evidence of anything so they make it up. Trump is either investigated for 1. The Russian ties 2. Obstruction of Justice. 3. Firing FBI director Comey. 4. Misuse of power. CNN doesn’t know. They are now calling Trump a liar for mentioning in his tweet which has been shown and mentioned on CNN every 5 minutes or so that “he is under investigation” while his lawyer stated that he was not. Anyone who tweets would realize the sarcasm in this tweet which was a response to the media blitz started by CNN about him being investigated.
    Someone has to do something about “the most trusted name in news” CNN is abusing their their media presence and resources to influence political processes and the democratic will of the people.
    I believe they are still trying to compensate for the incredible way they covered the election and the way their so-called experts predicted a landslide win for the Democrats while being totally wrong!
    They also cannot stand the fact that they are being left out of the White House loop and Donald Trump’s intentions. This probably explains their analysis of the most misunderstood tweet in history. Substitute “What a joke” for “witchcraft” in that tweet and see how you interpret that.
    They even had the nerve to ask a legal commentator what he would say to a client “if he had a dummy for a client” about the tweets made by Donald Trump. If that isn’t a direct insult I don’t know what is.
    Trump is being blamed for the secrecy of the new health bill which CNN and Democrats are blaming the Republicans for even though there are Democrats involved. Obamacare had the same beginnings during it’s planning stages. It is known to be flawed and will cost Americans greatly very shortly.
    He is being blamed for the furor in the Georgia special election. CNN desperately wants to prove that the Democrats can win this one because of the evil Trump antics. This staunch Republican region would be a rallying call for the Democrats if they won. Mark my words, CNN will be praising a Democrat win to the skies. If the Republicans win they will try to blame Trump for interfering with the election. Or maybe the Russians.
    Now they are trying to take a tragic story of the student murdered by the North Koreans as another failure of Donald Trump to take action. What is he supposed to do? Nuke the North Koreans? There are still 3 Americans held there. They have sanctioned the daylights out the country. They have tried to get China to intervene.
    How do you bargain with an mentally unhinged Dictator with ultimate power?
    You need to tread carefully here.
    Not much is mentioned on CNN about the loss of 7 US sailors and even more important about the Global danger of the Russians threatening to shoot US fighter jets over Syria. This is potentially the biggest story in the world but gets very little coverage on CNN as did the shooting of Republicans at the baseball field.
    If CNN and the Democrats would concern themselves more with the good of the country instead of the Trump downfall they would allow the elected leadership to make decisions regarding the best course of actions for all the problems now facing the United States. This is why the public elected Donald Trump. CNN will not admit to this.

  2. Bill Weems says:

    The idea that America was getting shafted in international deals wasn’t just a theme of the Trump campaign, it was the theme. Donald Trump promised that not only was he a red-hot maker of deals, he was going to bring in a team of all “the best people” while throwing those horrible, terrible deals of the past into the trash can.

    But according to Washington Post columnist and conservative stalwart Jennifer Rubin, it turns out Trump’s best people are substandard. [Ms. Rubin’s comments are in quotes, below.]

    “The hope that a business figure who reinvented presidential campaigning might have access to a talent pool filled with figures who could bring new expertise and insights to government was always fanciful. Trump defines success in terms of money and demands absolute loyalty. He lacks any interest in policy and therefore sees no need for policy experts. His narcissism prevents him from getting those more knowledgeable and sophisticated than he to serve.”

    Trump has ended up with a team where the secretary of state is in hiding, the attorney general is huddled in his bigot bunker, and the secretary of energy is carefully explaining bullshit exports to a Russian comedy show (really). The rest of Trump’s “best” are goggle-eyed yes men who spend most of their time scrambling to explain why Trump’s latest incoherent tweet is good. Real good.

    As for Trump’s deal-making skills, those turn out to be as good as a degree from Trump University.

    “Granted, international diplomacy is a lot tougher than cutting real estate deals in New York, and there’s still a lot of time left on the presidential clock to make Trump great again. But half a year into the Trump era, there’s little evidence of Donald Trump, master negotiator.”

    But … there is no but. The whole point of the “master deal maker” story was selling people on the idea that crafting international trade deals and reciprocal defense plans was easier than knocking off an apartment rental for Trump Tower. It’s not—which should have been obvious.

    “Quite the opposite, in fact: In several very important areas and with some very important partners, Trump seems to be getting the short end of the proverbial stick. The president who was going to put America first and outmaneuver allies and adversaries alike seems to be getting outsmarted by both at every turn, while the United States gets nothing.”

    After the multiple meetings with Putin at the G20, Russia got everything it was looking for in Syria. What did America get? Nothing.

    The Saudis have absolutely rolled Trump for increased support in Yemen and backing their blockade of rival Qatar—even though Qatar is a U.S. ally and home to a critical military base. What did America get? A black eye.

    Trump’s threats, chest-thumping, and some very good chocolate cake have only made North Korea less receptive. With his clumsily-applied stick-and-stick approach, what America has gotten is a new ICBM aimed our way and a whole region convinced that we’re ineffective. Because … it’s true.

    And despite putting worst-of-the-best Jared Kushner in charge of Middle East peace, Trump’s efforts seem to have succeeded only in moving the sides further apart and rolling back delicate progress that took decades.

    “Our problem with Trump is that he’s behaving not as a smart and tough negotiator but as a president who readily succumbs to flattery and personal attention without having any negotiating strategy at all, while his negotiating partners rob him blind. Far from the master deal-maker with transformative goals, Trump is emerging as a guy whose America First mantra actually ends up putting America last. That’s bad news for Trump’s presidency—and a tragedy for the American people.”

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