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Texas Capitol Building

Illegals Overrun Texas State Capitol

Illegal immigrants protest lawmakers in the Texas State Capitol building.   American history has never documented such an Illlegal and unhinged protest carried out by supposed “Illegal immigrants”.  It embarrasses me as an American that people who should have no American rights or priviledges are allowed to disrupt our government process.  Since when, can one protest an issue when they have no legal right to contest.  Democrats have brainwashed Illlegals into the mindset,  that “illegals” actually have a say in United State policies.  Talk about collusion.   If we as Americans continue to allow this to happen “America will be LOST forever”.  Let’s keep in mind that 12 protesters speaking out bout the college campus murders, by the Mexican Drug Cartel were jailed in a maximum security prison.  These protesters had a legitmate issue.  Mexican Government officals incarcerated them like the murderer’s themselves. ‘I’m illegal and here to stay’ said some signs at the Texas state Capitol Monday as protestors gathered to express their displeasure over an anti-sanctuary city bill that was signed into law. After seeing the signs,  it was reported that Rep. Matt Rinaldi contacted ICE officials, according WSAW-TV.  Although ICE never showed up.  When Illlegal undocumented immigrants think they can dictate how U.S. policy and law is written I think its time for reckoning.  Over 50% of Americans would agree the sooner the Illegals are sent back to their country of origin the better. “This demonstrates the sentiment of the Republican party,” Democratic Rep. Cesar Blanco. It is rumored that many other Republicans called ICE and they don’t know if those folks are U.S. citizens or not, they were just brown.”  Guess what Mr. Blanco?  This is America, NOT MEXICO!!  It appears Dem. Rep. Cesar Blanco doesnt like American law either.  I pray this is your last term in service of the great state of Texas.  Rinaldi claims the protests led to a scuffle, where he was physically threatened, and that he’s now under the protection of law enforcement.  Rinaldi said,”he was threatened personally by a protester that stated they had a gun” American’s need to restore order in United States.  YOU must stay vigilant in this fight write, call or visit your local town hall meetings with your States Reps. and Sentaors whenever possible .  America is holding on by a thread.  Sitting on your butt  and doing nothing will result in the loss of American values, government and life as we know it. FIND YOUR STATES REPS. AND SENTORS HERE President Donald Trump is steadfast in his fight for America but he cant do it alone.  Americans must “Rise Up”  If you care about yourself, your children and the future of this Great Nation U.S.A. “DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, NOW!!!!

Syrian Airstrike Explosion

US: Coalition Airstrikes Kill 3 Senior Islamic State Leaders

U.S.-led coalition airstrikes have killed three senior Islamic State military officials in Syria and Iraq during the past month, the U.S. military said Friday. Mustafa Gunes, an external operations facilitator from Turkey, was killed by a coalition airstrike near Mayadin, Syria, on April 27. Gunes was linked to facilitating financial support for attacks against Western countries,…

Purple Heart

On Memorial Day, Remember Those We Truly Honor

Memorial Day. It is a day of remembrance for those who died in service to the United States of America. It was commemorated at first to honor the Union dead of the Civil War and originally proclaimed Decoration Day by Gen. John Logan, national commander of the Grand Army of the Republic, on May 30, 1868.…

Trump Lands in Saudi Arabia

Donald Trump brings God into the negotiation room

The former real estate magnate doesn’t see the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a simple land dispute. As opposed to his predecessors, he focuses on the religious dimension By Raphael Ahren At Shimon Peres’s funeral last year, famed author Amos Oz described the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with a simple but striking metaphor. “Because Israelis and Palestinians cannot suddenly become…