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Donald Trump

What Donald Trump is Really up Against

Few political offices within the United States evoke as much scorn, admiration and general fear as the position of President. Since the founding of the United States of America, every president that has served has been stung by the spite of some; basked in the praise of others; and inspired fear in still more. In these modern times, with the world increasingly on edge over issues such as civil rights, climate change, and war, it has become difficult for the average citizen to know exactly what a president can and cannot do while in office. In the absence of a clear and concise understanding of the power a president holds, much false information has been disseminated. Some groups trumpet the president’s ability to end welfare, social security, abortion and equal rights. Others claim the president can, with a single Executive Order, isolate the country from the world, change the structure of the federal government, or even proclaim him or herself absolute ruler. This article will examine the power of the President of the United States, and determine what is real and what is not. To correctly understand the power of the Presidential office, one must first understand the structure of the United States government. This government is comprised of three major branches: Executive, Judicial, and Legislative. The Executive branch of government is comprised of the offices of President and Vice-President; the Cabinet, which mainly serves in an advisory capacity to the President; and assorted departments, such as the Department of Justice, and agencies, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Judicial branch is comprised of the Supreme Court of the United States, the Circuit of Appeals and the many lower level courts, though this article will focus almost exclusively on the Supreme Court’s power upon the office of President. The Legislative branch of the federal government is comprised of the House of Representatives and the United States Senate, jointly known as Congress. These three branches of the United States government are afforded different powers and given different charges, or requirements of office, that are specifically designed to check and balance one another. No branch can act with complete impunity, nor can any rule without the others. With this understood, the examination of presidential power may now be undertaken. The President of the United States may suggest or submit legislation to Congress in an effort to create a law. However, it must first be voted upon and passed by the House of Representatives. Very often, legislation dies on the floor; that is, through debate and examination, it is deemed unfit and is never voted upon. Another possible outcome is the legislation is required to undergo some form of change and is sent back for rewriting. For those concerned about the perceived ease of this process, it is important to note that the House has historically killed more legislation than it has passed. If legislation is voted upon and passed by the House of Representatives, it is given to the United...

Donald Trump

Donald Trump, The Trump Train is Rolling

Unemployment According to the latest employment statistics, President Trump has added 235,000 new jobs in the month of February. Exceeding forecasts by 100,000 new jobs. It appears The Trump Train is rolling with a full head of steam. As of Feb. 2017 unemployed are 7.5 million at 4.7 down .2 from 4.9 in August 2016. However, Obama asked the American people in 2012 not to judge his first hundred days: “The first hundred days is going to be important, but it’s probably going to be the first thousand days that makes the difference.” The unemployment rate was 7.2 Dec. 2012 with 12.2 million unemployed. This was on the heels of a destitute Obama first term in the white house. At present, there is a lot of judgment focussed on The Trump Administration but I suppose that comes with the territory. After all when the Democrats spent the last four years doing nothing for our economy. I suppose Democrats would try to deface and dispose of an honest, hardworking administration. Immigration (The Wall) Since President Trump’s inauguration, there have 40% fewer illegal immigrants crossing our border. We haven’t even started building the wall yet. After finishing the wall and implementing some technological policies (Drones and cutting edge surveillance) illegal border crossings will be a thing of the past. Only quality immigrants (assimilated and law abiding) will be welcomed in the U.S. Economy 3 trillion dollars were added in stock market trading in Trump’s first 30 days. The markets continue to skyrocket if you have an IRA or 401k the positive results are boosting retirement accounts for millions of Americans. We are awaiting news of the first substantial interest rate increase in over a decade. Billions of dollars will be unleashed by U.S. based business’s encouraged by president Trump’s aggressive economic policies. Supreme Court President Trump nominated constitutionalist Judge Neil Gorsuch for the U.S. Supreme Court a man worthy of Justice Scalia’s seat on the Supreme Court. You can help in the fight for Neil Gorsuch by contacting your state Representatives and Senators. Tell them you support Gorsuch and the should push for expedient approval. This is just the tip of the iceberg folks according to Trump the administration. The Trump Train is rolling and it will take few months until we are at full speed.

Ivanka Trump’s Clothing Apparel Fragrance

Ivanka Trump’s Clothing Apparel and Fragrance  Ivanka Trump, business, mogul, and daughter of President Donald Trump, has her own line of clothing and accessories that are tremendously popular. Ivanka’s approach appeals to a wide range of women; she produces flats, heels, sandals, pumps, dresses, business wear, coats, tops, shirts, and bags. More importantly, each of these products is tailored to different seasons, styles, incomes and personalities. Ivanka Trump’s Shoes All of Ivanka Trump’s footwear is designed around different approaches to simplicity and elegance. Ivanka has a huge line of shoes, and dozens of styles to choose from. Some of these might be better suited for business, but others are clearly designed to impress. Ivanka focuses on classy and classic themes, so there are no novelty options for those seeking more wild designs. The majority of Ivanka’s footwear is ideally suited as dress wear. But while formal settings are ideal, these are also beautiful in workplaces where more elegant dress is acceptable. Unfortunately, Ivanka does not yet sell combat boots or toe-shoes, so her options are limited to sandals, pumps, flats and heels. It’s also important to note that dollar-for-dollar, these shoes are generally at least a great competitor when compared to shoes of a similar price. Ivanka’s shoes are often even higher quality than competing shoes with bigger price tags. It’s also important to mention that like the rest of Ivanka’s line, there are options here for plenty of different backgrounds and ages. All in all, these are definitely recommended and don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting a pair or two before the night’s over. Ivanka Trump’s Clothing Line Ivanka also offers a complete line of dresses, blazers, suits, jackets, vests, coats, tops and tees. All of these can be divided up into two groups: there’s the group that stands out and the group that blends in. Some of the colors used in her line of clothing are intentionally very vivid, lively, vibrant and eye-catching. Ivanka carries everything from business-formal to wedding wear, so these colors span a huge range clothes.

Donald Trump

87 Percent of Democrats Pro Slavery

Donald Trump’s campaign platform was built on the basis of “Draining the Swamp”.   It was powered by extremely strong rhetoric principled in illegal immigration, tax reform nurturing employment and business growth, restructuring the Veterans Administration, replenishing our military presence at home and abroad and equalizing international trade agreements.  Americans rose to the occasion on November 8, 2016, by electing Donald J Trump President of the United States of America. The Obama administration left a tangled web of depleted racial considerations in the U.S., strapped allied foreign relations, tax payer funded entitlements at an all time high, lowest unemployment rate since the great depression and lastly a money sucking tidal wave of bureaucratic programs and regulations. Donald Trump on day 1 cranked up the wrecking ball to dismantle the Obama affliction.  President Trump unleashed a relentless work ethic on day 1 to chip away at the enormous Obama blunder.