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Inside Donald Trump’s Head

Whether you voted for him or against him, you need to know and understand who President Donald Trump is and what he’s made of, because he’s our President for the next 4 years. I studied him for two decades. I studied this man as much as someone can study a man from a distance. And I know for a fact that millions of people don’t know Trump. I also know that they should know Trump because he’s now the leader of the free world. There are three things about Donald Trump that people should know. Firstly, nearly everyone who deals with Donald Trump for the first time underestimates him. So, when they deal with Trump thinking he doesn’t know anything, he takes advantage of that and he completely destroys his opponents. This has been his modus operandi for a long time. You don’t establish a global empire of brick and mortar without being a great negotiator and ruthless opponent. Do I sound like Trump yet? Perhaps, but it’s true. You just don’t build an empire without having the skills and the street-smarts.

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Liberal Witches on the Hunt for Donald Trump

I stumbled across this interesting and quite disturbing piece.  It has become apparent that witches are planning a black mass tonight Feb. 24, 2017 at 12 midnight.  Their intention is to disembowel The presidents Mojo and the mojos of all his followers.         bignuggets @thetrumptrain2

Donald Trump and his Crusade for American Workers

Donald Trump and his Crusade for American Workers

  By: Bignuggets  @thetrumptrain2 If you watch mainstream media you may believe that Donald Trump was elected thanks to racists and xenophobes trying to make their country white again. However, the truth of the matter is that Trump was elected due to the vast disenfranchisement of the American worker. Throughout his campaign he promised to level the playing field for American companies, keep jobs in the states and work on repealing regressive trade deals. Trump’s goal is to restore America as an economic powerhouse by helping the laborers. This idea is demonstrated through his oft-repeated statement, “When American workers win, America as a country wins big league”. You may ask how Trump will go about his conquest of making America great again. Well no one can be certain what the next eight years hold in store for us, his campaign promises provide a solid estimate for what is to come.

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The Truth about Donald Trump’s Family

by Bignuggets  @thetrumptrain2 There are many Americans who dislike our new president, Donald Trump. Why is this? The leading cause of this phenomenon is clearly the mainstream media. Through misleading articles and downright fake news the American populace is pushed and prodded into accepting an incorrect understanding of who our president really is. Once you look past the propaganda perpetuated by the liberal media, the true Trump family is revealed. 

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Comparing Thomas Paine’s America to Donald Trump’s

 By: Bignuggets @thetrumptrain2 In his pamphlet, Rights of Man, Thomas Paine makes several optimistic statements regarding America’s unified diversity, its total class mobility and equality, and its benevolent, just government. America still remains diverse, that is true. Its diversity, though, is where the similarities end. America’s various different peoples are not as cordial toward each other as they once were, class mobility is at an all-time low, and the current government has the lowest public approval rating in history, with good reason.



By Nick Lanelli  @wtop WASHINGTON — Imagine getting a phone call from someone who claims to have kidnapped someone in your family. Such calls, known as virtual kidnapping scams, have been occurring across the D.C. area in recent days. Scammers steal money by demanding a ransom, telling the victim that their family member will be injured or killed if the payment is not wired immediately. In some cases, the scammers will have someone screaming in the background to make the call sound more authentic, the FBI says.